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Limited is a marketplace where you can launch auctions, giveaways and raffles in less than a minute. We verify buyer addresses, notify participants with result of sale, automatically send invoices, and centralize your seller operations.

A better way to send money.

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Our platform is self-serve. Create upcoming and live sales in <5 min.

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We replace Google Forms and hook up to PayPal, saving sellers multiple hours per sale.

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1000+ keycap enthusiasts are on Limited, often coming back multiple times per week.

Focus on What Matters

Manage everything from one space and get more time to focus on what matter: creating and community.

What Other Seller Say

We work closely with our sellers to make sure we can create the best possible platform to host sales with alternative formats. your sale in a few minutes and let Limited take care of the notifications, invoices, and verification.

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It’s been a long time since I got that many buyers from the outside

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I’ve never seen anything like you guys. Gonna make life so much easier

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Great platform, would recommend, easy and fast setup -- great staff

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You're all amazing, can't wait to put my first ever raffle at Limited ❤️

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It was super easy to set up my raffle!

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You have a great product and you've been a solid listener when it comes to our wants for the platform


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