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I have been 3d printing for about 2 years with both FDM and SLA, and I began making keycaps a few months ago when I got my first mechanical keyboard. I really liked the idea of being able to add my own personal touch and customization to something I use so much, so I decided to start selling them to anyone who enjoys my designs as well. My initial focus was on video game and movie characters/items, but I recently changed my focus to more historical/cultural/mythological persons and objects. My personal favorite design that I have done is a statue of Guan Yu ontop of a standard cap, but I am also very excited a new set of faces and heads that I am currently working on. Aside from keycaps I really enjoy printing tabletop miniatures and also doing pyrography art. If you interested in checking out any of my other work, visit my Instagram or Etsy page, user name is Malificrafts on both.