Yowah Boulder Opal/ Red Dinosaur Bone Artisan Keycap With a Sterling Silver Inlay
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This is one of the most unique and valuable artisan keycaps that I have created. Minerals included are Yowah Boulder Opal from Australia and extremely high-grade Dinosaur Bone From Utah. This beautiful combination is pulled together with a Sterling Silver Inlay. Its beauty truly cannot be captured on camera. (Check out the youtube video found here https://youtu.be/Z-zm1zOYl6E) You heard me right, real genuine Dinosaur Bone! As the ancient animal's bones get buried they are subjected to many minerals carried by groundwater. As the organic material decays it is slowly replaced by crystalline silicate structures, rarely in beautiful red color. However, this beautiful and unique stone is slowly being all dug up since the material is so limited and rare. So as more and more of the material is hoarded, the value goes up, making this keycap an actual investment! This keycap is best appreciated in a well-lit environment in order to ensure the beautiful fire in the fissures of the boulder opal flash. Mirror polished and uniquely shaped with one corner being higher than the others, this is arguably the most unique, and valuable artisan keycap on the market. The base is made out of ABS plastic and accepts Cherry MX style switches.

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