Sink collection keycap
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Sink collection keycap - Artisan Keycaps for Cherry MX Keycap Mechanical Keyboards Material: All resin casting, no painted involving. This product can be shine-through construction. Colorway: 6 (Black, Cyan, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple, White) R4 size keycap (Escape keycap/Top row) Keycap will fit Cherry MX, Gateron and Kalih Perfect for replacement mechanical keyboard keycaps or hotkeys Great PC gaming gift for the PC gamer in your life Keycap is handmade resin casting and inspected to assure the perfect fit and finish All keycaps are made and hand finished with love in Vietnam. **PLEASE PICK YOUR COLOR YOU WANT IN THE NOTE**

Shipping Information

United States: $12

Canada: $15

United Kingdom: $15

Europe: $15

Australia / New Zealand: $15

Asia: $15

Latin America: $15

Other Regions: $15

Return Policy

There is currently no return policy. But if you have any problem with the product, please contact me.