Taro x Feesh
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After a two month hiatus we're back with a bunch of firsts! This is our first time using Limited to host our sale! It is our first ever collab! And it is our first ever fulfillment sale (max of 50 caps)! I happened to get my hands on a set of GMK Taro and loved it so much I wanted to pair this gorgeous colorway with my Feesh sculpt. So in collaboration w/ the incredible designer @PWade3 I'd like to present to you Taro x Feesh! Sale Details: Sculpt: Feesh Colorway: Taro Stem: Cherry MX Style 100% Resin Casted Size: 1U Price: $50 USD

Shipping Information

United States: $5

Canada: $15

United Kingdom: $15

Europe: $15

Australia / New Zealand: Unavailable

Asia: $15

Latin America: $15

Other Regions: $15

Return Policy

These keycaps are 100% handmade so there will be minute differences between the individual caps. If for some reason there is a major flaw with the keycap, please email me and we will work out a replacement or refund.

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