Swab's 2021 Blind Box Raffle
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Blind box raffle sale! I'm releasing the last of my 2021 stock and eight keycaps are available. Most of these are all based on earlier designs and techniques from when I first began making keycaps. None of these will become a raffle or in-stock item again, so here's one final chance. The keycaps included are: Chili: Blue Beelzebuddy (quantity: 2) Ashes: White and gray textured Beelzebuddy (quantity: 1) Unnamed Keyseract variant: White and gray cube, stem insert not included (quantity: 1) Noir Superintendent: White on black with plunger (quantity: 1) Drowned Flantom: Red and black (quantity: 1) Geoffrey: Green and black (quantity: 1) Flantom*: Purple on soft blue-white, opt-in required, read asterisk carefully (quantity: 1) *The keycap sticks when pressed down and requires a gentle pull to reset it, so it is not recommended for everyday use. It is stable and cosmetically ideal. To add this cap to your raffle pool, type "Flantom pls" in the Note to Seller when you participate. IF YOU DON'T SEE THE NOTE TO SELLER FIELD, please DM me on Instagram with your Limited username. Important notes: •One cap per winner •MX stem •All caps SA-height or equivalent •Neither you nor I will know which cap you have won when it ships •Winners are responsible for shipping costs* Raffle ends on 13th of January at 12:01AM Eastern. *Due to USPS shipping restrictions, I am unable to ship to Australia at this time.

Shipping Information

United States: $4

Canada: $13

United Kingdom: $15

Europe: $15

Australia / New Zealand: Unavailable

Asia: $13

Latin America: $13

Other Regions: Unavailable

Return Policy

Free returns for 30 days. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.