Pokeball Artisan Keycap Iridescent Flakes - Clear Sparkle Pokemon Pokeballs Keycaps Tiny Limited Sculpture Collectible Small Batch Resin
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◘◘PLEASE READ BELOW◘◘ PLEASE NOTE- the 1st five pictures are the keycap. Pictures 6-9 are to show it's size. The Keycaps in those pictures are of the normal Pokeball keycap variety (Available in my shop) The keycap for sale in this listing is the 'clear with sparkles.' Welcome to my venture into keycaps. The Pokeball is a + (cherry compatible stem) keycap. It's a clear resin cast with iridescent flakes and painted red and black. I painted them in a way that lets the light glow through them (except for the black part). ◘Things to note- I am not a mechanical keyboard person. I know only what I own, which is a low profile Corsair K70 RGB MK 2 keyboard. I am learning though! ◘ The Keycap is a little loose on my keyboard but fits fine on everything else I've tested. ------------------------------------------- ♢ Hand sculpted, molded, resin cast, cleaned, primed, painted and sealed by me. ♢ The listing is for one (1) Pokeball Keycap ♢ US shipping- Signature Confirmation is added to all items over $50 --------------------------------------------

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