Peachyuu (Modified Kyuu)
Blind Auction
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Unbuilt Peachyuu (Modified Kyuu) Hey all, I've got an unbuilt Peachyuu up for auction starting at $415 USD, all the money in the winning bid past $415 will be donated to the Bay Area Rescue Mission benefitting the homeless, check it out here: The Peachyuu is an anodized dual-tone aluminum keyboard with a raw copper weight, plate, and badge originally designed by Quantrik with some changes by Charue Design. A couple changes include an updated PCB (that has a Pikachu silkscreen), engravings on all parts (to mark as non-original), flex cuts on the plate, and an internal engraving of Pichu on a peach. Around 35 of these were made and only one is available for this Blind Auction. Keycaps and switches not included!

Shipping Information

United States: $20

Canada: $35

United Kingdom: $45

Europe: $45

Australia / New Zealand: $50

Asia: $50

Latin America: $40

Other Regions: $50

Return Policy

No returns, but if there's an issue I'll definitely help fix it.