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Hand Sculpted Octavian Artisan keycap from Animal Crossing! All pieces have been handmade with polymer clay. Keycaps are MX Style switch compatible. All Pieces are cured in UV Resin giving it a protective coat and shiny finish. As these artisans are handmade, there are likely to be imperfections upon close inspections. If there are more noticeable imperfections the artisan will show as Grade B with a cheaper price. I personally like imperfections as I feel it adds to he uniqueness of each piece! Imperfections such as dust, fingerprints and bumps may occur.

Shipping Information

United States: $17.5

Canada: $17.5

United Kingdom: $6

Europe: $17.5

Australia / New Zealand: $17.5

Asia: $17.5

Latin America: $17.5

Other Regions: $17.5

Return Policy

I do not accept returns, however if there is a major issue please contact me.

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