nkaps cracked pupee v2 artisan keycaps
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here goes no.2 another old sculpt some of you might know or not...anyway it was one of my popular sculpt. the colorway is inspired by japanese kintsugi art.. so yeah lets get it on good luck and have a nice day.

Shipping Information

United States: $15

Canada: $25

United Kingdom: $30

Europe: $25

Australia / New Zealand: $25

Asia: $15

Latin America: $25

Other Regions: $25

Return Policy

1. All keycaps produced by Nkaps are handmade; therefore it's subjected to small imperfection and minor color differences. 2. We will provide replacement if the caps you recieve is damage upon arrival. 3. Nkaps reserve the rights to refuse service at our discretion. 4. Attemp to cheat the system or multiple entry will result banning for future sale 5. contact nkaps.keycaps@gmail.com for question and inquiry. 6. shipment might be delayed because of restriction and such cause by the covid-19 pendemic

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