Monks 2.0 - SHINGEN ONLY
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Hello !!.. everyone monks is back with new colorway. Monks 2.0 - Shingen Takeda This colorway inspired by Shingen Takeda, one of the most famous and powerful Daimyo of the sengoku era in Japan. Also one of my fav chara in Basara Heroes 😅 *miss my childhood Info: Sculpt: Monks 2.0 Colorway: - Black Helmet : Shingen - Red Helmet : Takeda Stem: MX Fully Resin cast The post will be split in two for Shingen and Takeda, and this is for Shingen only.

Shipping Information

United States: $10

Canada: $15

United Kingdom: $15

Europe: $15

Australia / New Zealand: $15

Asia: $10

Latin America: $15

Other Regions: $15

Return Policy

If something is not clear, just ask us, we will be happy to help you :))

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