Gluttony - Calcifer
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Medium: resin, polymer clay, cork, wood Height: 23mm Sculpt: Gluttony All orders will be shipped within 1-3 weeks from purchase (unless there is a shipping restriction to your country) Please do not enter if: - you are entering on someone’s behalf - you are considering flipping the keycap for profit - you are not ready to pay for the invoice The above factors will be monitored and the violation of the above rules will result in a permanent ban.

Shipping Information

United States: $15

Canada: $15

United Kingdom: $20

Europe: $20

Australia / New Zealand: $5

Asia: $15

Latin America: $15

Other Regions: Unavailable

Return Policy

Non-refundable and no returns. Avocaps will not be responsible in any damages after the parcel has been delivered. Avocaps is also not responsible in paying any additional charges and import tax upon arrival.

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