Explosive Karp Dragon
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This sculpt is inspired by the pokemon, Gyarados. Please feel free to part take in this raffle and let me know on my Instagram or discord what you'd like to see next! Sculpt: Explosive Karp Dragon Colorway: OG Only 1 entry per person Cherry MX Stem 100% Resin cast (PU) Cost: 38 Per cap Thank you all for participating.

Shipping Information

United States: $6.5

Canada: $14

United Kingdom: $18

Europe: $18

Australia / New Zealand: Unavailable

Asia: $18

Latin America: $18

Other Regions: $18

Return Policy

Understand that these are handmade artisanal keycaps and that I can sometimes make mistakes. If there is a major flaw in your keycap, please be sure to email me and I will go ahead and resolve the issue to the best of my ability. Each keycap may differ slightly in shade, post-processing, and other steps in my artistic process. There will be a lead time of a week or so (maybe longer depending on demand) of certain keycaps and colorways due to the time it takes to make each individual keycap. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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