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Beautiful keycap made in resin. Price is for 1 keycap. R4. 1U. Ideal as a ESC key. As this is a handmade product there might be slight variations. Because of light and brightness, colours may be a little different from the pictures. Please also be aware if you intend to use this keycap on a keyboard with a backlight that depending on the type of keyboard the effects might be different. The keyboard used in the pictures has a dim white light. --------------------------------- Slightly higher than R4 height: Highest point 13 mm (see pictures) OEM profile. Fits Cherry MX compatible switches on mechanical keyboards. Suitable for first two rows of the keyboard: ESC - F1 to F12 - Numbers. Not compatible with optical switches or switches with side walls. These keycaps are suitable for mechanical keyboards switches with the cross shaft (cannot have side walls or stabilizers). If you are in doubt please contact us before making a purchase. ------------------------------- Please be advised that we make the product to order so we can't ship it overnight. The product will be shipped one week after listing is completed. ----------------------------- Free UK Shipping is through Royal Mail - 2nd Class UK shipping generally takes a week. ----------------------------- We are here to answer any questions you have.

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Return Policy

I don't accept returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. If the product arrives damaged we will need you to send a picture of it and the package it arrived on before processing any exchanges/refunds. Please ask any questions or doubts you have before buying the product, we are here to assist in any way we can. Please note: Over the past years mechanical keyboards have become very popular and new brands have emerged. Although there is a standardised switch some brands can do the shaft slightly thinner or thicker making the key become a bit loose or tight. We pride ourselves in making high quality products and we test the keycaps in different switches before shipping to make sure they fit properly on the different brands but there are so many out there that we are unable to test them all. If your keycap is a bit loose the best way to adjust it is to add a tiny dot of glue on the inside of the cross, let it dry and that will increase the friction. Another way is adding a tiny thin piece of paper. If your keycap is a bit tight, using a hairdryer gently blow some hot air into the back of the keycap.