Death Rigor Mortis Aeternum 1/1 Giveaway
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Kyokuchi Kenban would like to giveaway this 1/1 Rigor Mortis Limited Edition in Aeternum Colourway free of charge and including free shipping. "Death is only the beginning." • Description - The Death kanji (Shi) black with red blood spatter with a blood red stem and Makers Mark, along with blood splatter red accents on the face of the kanji. • Profile - OEM R4 Best suited for Escape/F keys/Number Keys/Top Row • Stem - Cherry MX • Full polyurethane resin cast, handmade in Canada. • Note - Because of the marbling technique difficulty there will be variations from cap to cap and each will be 100% unique.

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Its free, why would you want to return it? :>